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Castagno 100 Cavalli – Etna Park – Sant'Alfio

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Castagno 100 Cavalli – Etna Park – Sant'Alfio

Is considered the oldest tree and largest in Europe. It is located in Sicily, to be precise in the province of Catania, the well-known "Chestnut of the hundred horses”, a creature whose life is between 3000 e i 4000 years.

The famous chestnut tree is in the territory of Sant'Alfio, not far from the town, along the provincial road leading to Linguaglossa, on the eastern slope of Etna. A natural show, seen up close, with its impressive canopy that allowed the plant to become a legend.

His nickname It is in fact tied to tradition according to which, under his huge arms, during a storm found shelter the Queen Giovanna d'Aragona and his entourage, formed by 100 horses and riders.

Sung and described by many travelers and scholars in the '700 and' 800, The Chestnut is now a destination for visitors from around the world as well as botanists. To establish the supremacy in Italy and Europe of One Hundred Horses Chestnut was just the well-known botanical TurinPeyronal, according to which the shaft is aged between 3000 e 4000 years.

According to estimates provided by the Ardea, Catania The chestnut has a diameter and a height of 22 meters. The writer Vincenzo Consolo, on Mirror 16/10/1999, He called it "a natural wonder, a miraculous survival of a very deep time”.

Whether record, there is no doubt. Today it is constituted by three drums, respectively 13, 20 e 21 m, that hold sparked debate about its uniqueness. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded the Castagno come the largest tree in the world, for the detection of 1780, when they were well measured 57,9 m in circumference with all branches.

The Municipality of Saint Alfio in recent years has made a strong commitment to safeguard the millennial Patriarch; different interventions were performed on plant consisting essentially in the pruning of the dry parts and in the care and maintenance of the shaft”, reads on the site of the City. The latter has also welcomed in its coat of arms, almost to sanction the deep connection of the chestnut with neighboring communities.

Olivastro Sardegna

Curiosity. just 300 meters, Taverna in the district of Mascali, is thesecond largest in Italy tree with an age of over 1000 years, the so-called "Chestnut Ship”. But some say the oldest is in Sardinia, the millennial olive S’ozzastru. Challenge between islands?


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