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The Mazarin Castle Sorge its a height lieve, near the present city center. The visible aboveground remnants allow a reading reconstructive implant quadrangular with cylindrical corner towers.

The castle guaranteed the control of the valleys below and the Braemi Disueri streams. Even after the building of the town of Mazzarino, developed on the slopes of the castle to the south, He maintained towards this strategically located country. Dirty is defined ‘The cannon’, probably due to the similarity that, in the popular imagination, It assumes the cylindrical Southwest tower, only completely surviving, with a big cannon.

Originally, the castle consisted of four cilindrichi towers connected by curtain walls with battlements, within which they were developed living environments and service, over various internal courtyards. Today there are well-defined, although fragmented elevation, only the south wall and in part the curtains to the north and west.

The western towers, dimensionally larger than Eastern, They were made up of three levels connected by stone stairs located inside the same. The entrance was through an opening ogive located between the two western towers, of which few traces remain today visible.

The north and south walls have various openings tipologicamente different in demonstration of the building in various phases, Also detectable by the reading of the battlements incorporated in the tread portion of the third level of the south wall. The remains of a large open fire are still visible on the wall facing north.

With the restoration of the castle has operated a conservative intervention to safeguard the surviving structures. The excavation carried out within the area bounded by the perimeter wall, full of sfabbricidi, It has allowed the reconstruction of planimetric some environments and the identification of numerous underground tanks for the collection of dry and liquid.