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Castle Mussomeli

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Castle Mussomeli

Mussomeli Castle

Castle-mussomeli-CaltanissetaA masterpiece of military architecture of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries., It was erected by Manfredi Chiaramonte and it is definitely one of the more inaccessible fortresses of Sicily. The castle, situated about 2 km from Mussomeli It is placed at different heights and seems to merge with the limestone cliff on which stands.
The fortress is bounded by two city walls irragolari that exploit the most of every possible support offered by the cliff; thereby built amalgamates with nature. The exterior of the castle with the portal and windows has plenty of Gothic elements.

But the interior, which it is accessed by an arched doorway ogival, leave stunned:
salt from the high vaults, l'huge Baron's Hall, possibly of a later period, the “Prison Death” where the condemned were thrown through a trapdoor and killed by drowning and the chapel where the statue is kept of “Madonna chain“, to which the prisoners imploring the grace.
A constructive particularities of Mussomeli castle is the presence of several triangular spaces that serve as a link between the halls of every side of the polygon with the successive stairs.

Location: Mussomeli