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An itinerary for those with limited time, suitable for adults and children, to visit the most significant sites of one of the most beautiful and important in the world.

Syracuse is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a major tourist.

Its territory includes more than three thousand years of history, witnessed by numerous monuments, archaeological sites and museums. To visit, understand and truly appreciate it, it would take many years. When you visit as a tourist, naturally, It does not have much time. Often a few days, if no one adderittura. You must then make a selection of what to see.


The following is a suggested itinerary that allows seeing the sights in one day, optimizing traveling times, taking into account the opening hours of the attractions and physical fatigue.

The steps proposed are compatible with the schools, even an early age, but it can be optimal for adults.

For more details, please refer to their detailed files.

This route starts at approximately 9.00 of the morning


Arriving in town with touring coaches, There are rules to follow (see details). The vehicles are to be parked in the Docks S. Antonio.

From here you can easily walk to the island of Ortigia: a few hundred meters of sidewalks that offer full security.


The first stage is the Temple of Apollo. E’ outdoors, so there are no entrance fees, nor opening times, no limitations of space.
To the right of the temple is opened via Matteotti, after which you reach Piazza Archimede, where you can admire the Fontana Diana.

From the square unravel various roads, including Via Roma (back to the fountain, la is located on the left side). A beautiful street full of local shops.
After about 200mt, on the right you will come out of Via Minerva.. From here you can already see the Doric columns of the ancient Temple of Minerva, now incorporated in Duomo. Carrying on, It will come out Piazza Duomo, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, contorniata by numerous Baroque palaces and a number of bars and eateries.

who, besides the already mentioned Cathedral, have to admire the Palazzo Vermexio, the Town, l’Archbishopric and the Borgia Palazzo del Casale. On the right side of the plaza from the Cathedral, stands the Church of S. Lucia to the Abbey, which houses the Caravaggio painting “The burial of S. Lucia”, open from 11.00 all 16.00.

Through Via Pompeo Picherali, descend to fountain of Arethusa.

Skirting the sea on the Promenade Alpheus you reach Piazza Fedrico of Swabia, where is the entrance to the Castello Maniace (closing hours 13.00).


After the visit, It is back on the Promenade Alpheus, then drive along the Fountain of Arethusa and get off to the Villetta Aretusa, a small garden full of benches and a drinking fountain. From here it opens Marina, a large circumscribed place where you can have a picnic lunch, relax under the trees and leave children free.

In the neighborhood are however a number of restaurants and eateries.

After lunch continue towards the opposite side from which it entered, reaching Largo Porta Marina, sormontanto homonym of the Spanish era structure.

Across the street Savoia you get back to the Temple of Apollo, and from here it exits Ortigia to return to the bus or car.


The itinerary continues with the Neapolis Archaeological Park. If you arrive by bus, They make landings in the designated area in front, after which the medium is going to bring to the picnic Von Platen.

Inside the park you can admire the’Roman amphitheater, l’Now di Ierone, the Greek Theatre, the Latomia of Paradise, the Rope Makers Cave and l’Ear of Dionysius.


If there does not dwell much on individual monuments, the visit can be completed in a few hours. It should be noted that the park closes at 18.00, but in the days of the closing is anticipated to representations 16.30.


Leaving this area archologica, continue on foot along Viale Tocrito. In about 15 minutes we arrive at archaeological Museum “Paolo Orsi“, one of the most important in Europe. Considering that closes at 19.00, We are less than 2 hours to visit. All in all are sufficient, also in consideration of the physical exhaustion that begins to bite.

In the immediate vicinity of the museum is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Tears.


If you are traveling in a group with bus, the excursion can be considered closed and you can return to the means: Von Platen car park is within walking distance.


If you are equipped with your own transportation, and still wants, and strength, you can continue to the Riviera Dionisio il Grande, overlooking the splendid cliffs dotted with caves that runs along the city. Here stands the Munumento to Dalton Overseas, of which offers a great view and from where a path ideal for walking or cycling (rentable nearby).


Opposite are the Latomie dei Cappuccini, but even these, It is accessible only in the morning, They are not taken into account in this tab.


The day is now over. If in summer, you can take advantage for enjoying the cool of the evening and maybe then have dinner in some typical, before leaving or returning to the hotel.



Many facilities are closing days, For example on Monday, or on public holidays they are usable only in the morning. It invites you to take this into account in the planning of excursions.