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View of Trapani from Erice CastleIf you talk to any tourist, foreign or Italian, visiting the Western Sicily, You can not help but repeat, like a mantra, between the various locations, the one of Erice.

I went to Erice“, “You have to go to Erice“, “I will go to Erice“, and so on. At this point, all that remains is to face facts, be dragged from the crowd and ... go and see for themselves, matching, ad Erice, a visit to Trapani. 🙂

Finding myself in Palermo, and wanting to take advantage of the day, I immediately discarded the train (that, to date, due to logistical problems, employs nearly 4 ore, touring very long), and I focused on BlaBlaCar, car sharing system that I had never used before.

I looked for, in their database, a person who effettuasse the Palermo-Trapani route that day, at that time. At that point, personally he does was to agree on payment (5/6 eur) and meeting place.

starting at 7 in the morning, I managed to get to Trapani shortly after 8 (thanks to a fluke, we have not found the notorious traffic on Avenue of the Sicilian Region!).

Having with me the trolley, and having to go to the airport the same evening, I immediately went to Arancio tourist Service, in progress , not far from the central station of Trapani. who, at the cost of 3 euro, I deposited the trolley, and then withdraw it in the late afternoon, before leaving.

At that point, not left me start my tour, devoting the morning to visit Erice, and the afternoon to visiting the center of Trapani.

From Piazza Vittorio Veneto, near the Court of Trapani, I took the bus 23 O 21, that, at a cost of 1.2eur, He took me straight to base of the gondola which leads to Erice, which at the top station it is well 700 meters above sea level.

The cost of the cable car is not exactly cheap - 9 eur for a ticket of A / R - but the experience and the view abundantly repay the cost of the ticket, not to mention that the maintenance of such a plant has high costs.

Here's a video I filmed aboard the cable car, uphill towards Erice:


Once in Erice, pay attention to map icon next to the great medieval gate to the village: there are shown two paths, one "short", lasting a few hours, and a "long", lasting 3+ ore.

In both cases, pass for most beautiful places in Erice: Piazza del Municipio (Piazza Umberto I), the Castello, theDuomo, via Roma, the St. Michael's Church

Piazza Umberto I, the town hall and ... a bunch of old men sitting at the bar. 🙂

At the beginning of June the temperature was, all in all, enjoyable, but sometimes they blew icy winds, so I suggest you bring a jacket, although in Trapani, at sea level, the temperature of nearly 30 °!

About 12:30, after almost 4 hours spent among the narrow streets and stone houses Erice, I took the cable car towards Trapani, to do a little afraid for lunch, and spend the afternoon at the historic city center.

Back in the center, I recommend lunch at "Self Service Palazzo Platamone“, a stone's throw from City Hall Trapani. With a ridiculous figure (less than 15 euro) you can eat a first and a second based on fish, a fruit salad, including coke / water service. The reviews on Tripadvisor, from which I was inspired to decide where to go local, speak for themselves.

After I had rested, I started the tour by Garibaldi Street, beautiful pedestrianized street, then go into what, in fact, It is still little more than a fishing paesone, the smell of salt air and marine paint.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi - Beautiful pedestrian street, onto which elegant buildings

There are some interesting churches, as the Church and Monastery of St. Francis the A Chiesa del Purgatorio ma, Unfortunately, or they were closed or undergoing restoration. Such a pity, for tourists. 🙁

Worthy is the walk, broadly, joints Bastion Conca, dating back to the '500, with the Torre di Ligny, on the tip of the city.

The "boardwalk" that runs from Conca Bastion Tower of Ligny.

About 17, after having withdrawn the trolley deposited in the morning, I came back out of the central station of Trapani, and I took Segesta Bus that, after an hour, at the cost of 8 euro, comes straight at Palermo airport.

I leave the 'itinerary, in textual form, of my visit Trapani and Erice:

  • Arrival around 8 (Blablacar from Palermo)
  • A 3 eur, laying the luggage from Orange tourist service in Italy 42-44 (tel. 0923 364619) o da Egatour in Via Ammiraglio Staiti, 13 (tel. 0923 21754)
  • Bus 21 O 23 towards the Trapani-Erice cable car station
  • Visit the town of Erice Castle
  • Back in the center of Trapani
  • Via Giuseppe Garibaldi (beautiful pedestrianized street, onto which elegant buildings)
  • Cathedral of S. Lorenzo (In the historical center, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is the Duomo. It was built in 1421 by Prince Alfonso V of Aragon. It was amended several times, until 1801, and is in baroque and neoclassical)
  • Chiesa del Purgatorio (It was built in the late '600 and early' 700, Baroque)
  • Church and Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi (It is located in the oldest part of the city, Adjacent to the old route of the wall. The main facade overlooks the homonymous square, in which they converge three roads and one of the many pedestrian paths that meander between the courtyards and the narrow passages of the "Casbha". It was built by conte Ruggero in Gothic-Norman style. Named after St. Biagio, He changed his name in 1216, when the Beato Angelo of Rieti obtained from the King Frederick II in order to build a Franciscan monastery. In 1680 It is given a new look to the church, transformed in Baroque style according to the taste of the bell tempo.Il, entirely in stone carving, above the floor of the bells it is crowned by a balustrade frame, and concluded by a pyramidal roof, coated with ceramic tiles. The interior of the church with the exception of the apse forms one piece of plastic and painted decorations.)
  • Bastion Conca (bastion of the '500, which it stands next to a promenade overlooking the sea)
  • Torre di Ligny (seventeenth-century tower, located on the extreme western tip of the city. There is the museum of prehistory)
  • Madonna of Trapani (dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, built between 1300 and the 1742. It houses the Madonna of Trapani, Marble sculpture of the '300 attributed to Nino Pisano)
  • 16:47-17:55 SEGESTA BUS-PMO TRAPANI AIRPORT (TP-MAZZINI/UMBERTO I – VIA MAZZINI (STOP SAU P.ZA Umberto I) – Ore: 16:47 - PALERMO AIRPORT - P.LE ARRIVALS - Hours: 17:55) – Call.ctr. 091 342525 – 091 342055 – 095 532716